The Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Attempts to Deal with Climate Change

It is becoming apparent that insurers are attempting to adapt their business models to issues relating to climate change. Still additional work is needed on the increase in environmental liabilities. This is according to a report by the Boston-based Ceres investor coalition.

Property and Casualty Industry Struggles to Overcome Recent Losses

For the property and casualty industry, the ratio of premiums to surplus stood at 0.95, by year-end 2008. Compare this with the average for the ratio of premiums to surplus for the last 50 years of 1.52 with a range from a low of 0.84 at the end of year 1998 to a high of 2.75 at the end of year 1974. In a similar way by the end of year 2008, the ratio of loss and loss adjustment expense reserves to surplus was at 1.22. Compare this with a 50 year average for that ratio of 1.43 during the 50 years ending 2008.

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

The current recession is causing many people who have been laid off to become self-employed rather than struggle to find another job. If you are one of those brave souls who want to take control of your own destiny rather than be victimized again, there are some things you should know about obtaining health insurance coverage. Here are some of the facts.

Does and Don’ts for Applying For Auto Insurance Online

When you answer questions when applying for auto insurance online, you need to be honest about the answers. Although it might be tempting to not answer the questions honestly thinking that this might save you some money, you shouldn't do it. You take the risk of being charged with insurance fraud, which is nothing to be taken lightly. You even are at risk of being fined, and the carrier will discontinue your coverage. There has been a real crack down on all forms of insurance fraud by insurance carriers who have been losing money because of it.

Saving on Auto Insurance – How?

When is the best time to compare auto insurance quotes?

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